Updated - 1-Dec-2001

I have Just recived the Hornet Kit from Midland Helicopters in the UK. It is going to take me couple of weeks to build the little thing so check back often to see how I am doing.

So What is a Hornet? The Hornet is classed as a micro-sized R/C helicopter and is small enough to fly in the living room and stable enough to fly outdoors. The Hornet is designed and manufactured by ModelSport, who are based in CZ Constructed mainly out of Carbon Fibre, the helicopter only weights around 300g and is 600mm in length.

Power is provided by a 300 speed brushed electric motor that runs off seven to eight small AAA NiMH cells (You can see them hanging between the models legs in the pic). The motor drives the fixed pitched blades at a top speed of 1500 rpm and flight times of around 6-10 min can be achieved (It may sound short but it is quite a long time for anyone to concentrate for).
The best part of the mechanics I believe, is the carbon rod that travels down inside the tail boom and drives the tail feathers. Many have said that this is what makes the Hornet so efficient and stable.

Besides the motor and batteries, there is a fair amount of electronics crammed onto the chassis as well. Because of the limited space available and the need to keep the weight to a minimum, Mico-"everythings" are used.

So why am I getting a heli ?
I have been flying model gliders for a total of six years with a break of four years in between. I will always fly model gliders. Only some things can beat the enjoyment of scratching around trying to find best lift and being able to fly hours on end using no power at all.
So Why a Heli?, Well I am looking for a new challenge and leaning to fly a heli is probably as hard as they come. The another reason is that when the wind is not strong enough for slope souring or if it is raining outside (NZ does that quite a bit, times it just for the weekend too!) I will at least be able to get my flying fix indoors.
Geting Ready to fly