Hornet Links

These sites contain invaluable infomation and I consider them a must read for anyone who is even remotly intrested in Micro -Helicopters.
Modelsport.com The manufactures of the EP hornet, Online shop. Has some good help on the construction of the model as well.
Hornet-Heli.com One of the top three Hornet Bulletin Boards around. The best place to get help and tips on Building and flying. Take special note of the discussions on the CF Main Shaft issues
MicroHelis.com Jhonk's Personal Web page. This guy is the Guru when it comes to Micro-heli modifications. He describes in detail, the modifications, he and others have made to the Stock Hornet. Most of my knowledge about the hornet has come from here
Dave Days Hornet site Dave has put together an excellent web site dedicated to the Hornet with reviews, tips and building pics
Midland Helicopters A UK hobby shop that stocks the full range of Hornet Kits and spares, This is were I obtained my Hornet from.
DeeTee Enterprises.com This is a US Based company that is dedicated to the Hornet. They hold stock of Hornet kits and spares They sell the "must have" mods like the Stainless Steel Main Shaft by Walt and improved Tail Pitch Sliders by Jhonk. I got both of these from here and received a excellent and fast response from them
Modelsport.nz The official Modelsport dealer for New Zealand. At this time they do not import the hornet or keep spares. But I intend to convince them to do so. Send them an email showing your interest and they may get themselves sorted
RCModels.com This site hosts my web page. They have a online shop, Bulletin Boards (Look out for me "HarryNz") and a great R/C search Engine This site is based in New Zealand and is used regularly by local fliers
Iains Nexus 30 Page Another helicopter mad New Zealander. Great Web page with all sorts of good info. Flight Log, Tips n Tricks , Flight Sims and Links
Dynamic Controls This is the company that I work for. We make power wheelchair and scooter controlers for the US and Europe market. I am employed as a Software engineer and work on the Wizard software that programs wheelchairs. Great Fun!!